Macaria ribearia    

common name     Currant Spanworm

Open woodlands and shrubby areas with currents or gooseberry.

Adults from early July to mid August.

Ground colour pale to buttery yellow with variable maroon-brown markings. A series of three to four evenly-spaced brown dashes are usually present along the forewing costa. The brown patch present in the submarginal area sometimes forms a larger, broad submarginal band. Hindwing slightly paler, occasionally with a visible AM and PM line. Similar to M. sulphurea and M. occiduaria, but the wing fringe is yellow, not partially or entirely brown. There are also genitalic differences, illustrated by Forbes (1948) and McGuffin (1972).

Not of concern

diet info
Larvae feed on the foliage of currants and gooseberries (Ribes spp.).

Southern Alberta east to southwestern Quebec (McGuffin 1972). In Alberta it is known from the Lethbridge - Waterton region. There are few Alberta records.

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