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scientific name    Gesneria centuriella    

Too variable to be defined.

Mid June through July.

Wingspread 20-30 mm. A medium to large, smoky gray to dark brown Pyralid. Distinct, sinuate AM and PM lines usually evident on the forewings, the area between the lines somewhat lighter in color; small, dark orbicular and reniform spots often present. Hind wings lighter, smoky gray near the terminus, lighter medially, lacking AM and PM lines. Thorax and abdomen robust. Noctuid-like when spread, but typically pyraloid when at rest and with porrect labial palpi and upright maxillary palpi.

life history
The larvae have been described and figured by Mackay (1972). Adults come to light.

Never common, but probably of no concern.

diet info

The nominate subspecies occurs in central and northern Europe. Alberta material belongs to the subspecies caecalis Wlk., type locality Nova Scotia, which is known from Nova Scotia and Labrador west to British Columbia and southern Alaska, south to Massachusetts and New York in the east, and Oregon and Idaho in the west (Munroe 1976). Reported from Areas 6 (Calgary), 7 (Lloydminster), 8 (Red Deer), 10 (Edmonton), 18 (Waterton), 20 (Nordegg) and 21 (Jasper National Park) in Alberta by Bowman (1951) as Scoparia centuriella D. & S. Also known in Alberta from Beaverdam Campground Recreation Area, Crowsnest Pass, Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park, the Lowden Springs Conservation Area, McKenzie Crossing, Prospect Mountain and The Pallisades in Jasper National Park.

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