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scientific name    Pyrausta tuolumnalis    

Forested areas, primarily in the mountains.

Presumably June and July.

A dark brown moth with a wide, buff, PM line and a buff discal spot on both fore and hind wings above. The wingspan is 15-17 mm. The genitalia are described in Munroe (1976). Similar to Pyrausta orphisalis but forewing not as reddish, pale markings buff, not yellowish, patch before PM line smaller; also PM line of hindwing narrower, and buff, not yellowish. Also similar to Pyrausta generosa but the latter has a yellowish, wider, more curved hindwing PM line, and lacks the thin, dark, diagonal line in the upper part of the forewing PM line.

life history
Details unknown. Adults come to light.

Apparently uncommon.

diet info
Unknown. The larvae probably feed on one or more mint species.

Western Northwest Territories and the Yukon, south through British Columbia and Alberta to mountains in California and New Mexico (Munroe 1976). The Type Locality is Tuolumne Meadow, California. Not reported for Alberta by Bowman (1951). Reported from Lloydminster, Alberta by Munroe (1976), Also known in Alberta from Sundance Creek, Banff National Park; and from Gorge Creek (NFRC).

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