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scientific name    Eupithecia graefi    

common name     Graef's Pug

Found in and adjacent to wooded areas.

A small (1.7-2.5 cm wingspan) broad-winged flimsy moth. Females larger than males. Ground white, crossed by many fine wavy parallel dark brown and reddish-brown lines. Wide subterminal band composed of closely aligned lines, divided laterally midway by a pale patch. A prominent red-brown discal bar on forewing. Hindwings paler, with less banding. The pale color, pattern and in particular the prominent red-brown discal bar will separate graefi from other western Alberta Eupithecia. Adults and genitalia of both sexes are illustrated in Bolte (1990).

life history
Adults are crepuscular or nocturnal and come to light. Probably single brooded in Alberta, double brooded further west. Reported hosts include Arbutus and Gaylussacia; occasionally Thuja and Pseudotsuga - the later two possibly in error (Prentice, 1963; McGuffin, 1958). Alberta adults have been collected in early July.

Extreme southwestern Alberta west to Vancouver Island, north to Alaska and south to California.

Three specimens collected in Waterton Lakes National Park during the 2005 bioblitz are the only Alberta records. The rusty-red markings are unusual in Alberta Eupithecia, and make graefi one of the easier Alberta Eupithecia to identify. The illustrated female above is from the Moths of Canada website.

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