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scientific name    Pediasia ericella    

Mainly prairies and aspen parkland.

Early July to mid August.

A larger crambid with porrect labial palps. Males have a 24-27 mm wingspan while females are smaller with a wingspan of 19-25 mm. The palps and head are smoky white. The thorax and forewings are brown with a slight reddish tinge. The forewings are evenly colored except for faint median and subterminal cross lines. The terminal space is of the same color as the rest of the forewings and it contains three or four dark dots. The fringes are of the same color as the rest of the forewings. The hindwings are pale smoky brown with a thin basal line next to the smoky gray fringe. G. Balogh kindly provided the attached drawing of the male genitalia. Genitalia from several Alberta specimens matched that of the drawing. Originally described as Crambus ericellus (Barnes & McDunnough 1918). A European species, Crambus ericella Hübner, is not related.

life history
Unknown. Adults fly at night and come to light.

Probably of no concern.

diet info
Unknown. It is likely that the larvae feed on the roots of grasses.

A western North American species. Described by Barnes & McDunnough (1918) from a specimen from Tuolumne Meadows, California. Recorded from two Counties in the California Moth Specimen Database. Not reported for Alberta by Bowman (1951) and unknown in the Province until a specimen was reported from the Caribou Mountains in Schmidt et al. (2004).

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