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scientific name    Euchlaena obtusaria    

common name     Obtuse Euchlaena

In Alberta, found only in mixedwood forest of the southern boreal region.

Adults fly in early June to early July.

The ground colour varies from tan to dark chestnut brown, with a conspicuous serrate hindwing edge. Black discal spots, small but well-defined, Am and PM line faint. The combination of a strongly serrate hindwing margin and well-defined discal spots will serve to separate E. obtusaria from other Euchlaena.

life history
Up to 230 eggs are laid, hatching in only three to four days (McGuffin 1981). The larva is an excellent twig mimic, striped with pale and brown and bearing two short dorsal protuberances on the fifth abdominal segment (Wagner et al. 2001). The larva overwinters, likely in thew fifth instar (McGuffin 1981).

Apparently rare in Alberta; status uncertain.

diet info
Larval hosts may include birch(Betula)and cherry(Prunus) in Alberta; however, due to possible confusion of this species with E. muzaria (Wagner et al 2001), host records need to be confirmed.

East-central and southern Alberta east to Nova Scotia, south to Florida and Texas. This species may actually be confined to the eastern US, with Canadian populations referable to E. muzaria (Wagner et al. 2001).

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