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scientific name    Pandemis pyrusana    

Most forested habitats with deciduous trees and shrubs.

Mid August, as early as early July elsewhere.

The forewing varies from light to dark brown with prominent dark brown markings. The basal, median and upper postmedian lines are distinct and sharply defined with pale edging. The hindwing is white. The larva is indistinguishable from other species in this genus (MacKay 1962).

life history
Females call for males with pheromones and the males respond by wing fanning, locating the female, meeting her head to head, curling the abdomen and engaging the genitalia. If successful they mate end to end. (Curkovic, et al. 2006)

This species has a restricted range in Alberta, but is widespread and common to the west and south and can be a pest on apple in Washington State. (Curkovic, et al. 2006)

diet info
Recorded from Red Osier Dogwood (Cornus stolonifera) and on apple (Malus sp.), but probably is a generalist on deciduous trees and shrubs (Curkovic, et al. 2006; Mackay 1962).

Throughout the western mountains from British Columbia south to California, east to Alberta and Utah, In Alberta known from Waterton Lakes N. P. and Raymond.

This species may just be a western form of P. limitata.

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