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scientific name    Occidentalia comptulatalis    

Near ponds with bulrushes.

Mid July to August.

A medium sized crambid (23-26 mm wingspan). Forewings chocolate brown (dark fuscous), lacking a longitudinal median silver white stripe and a white stripe in the costal margin, but having terminal dark brown dots. The hind wings are also chocolate brown. Also known as Acigona comptulatalis. Somewhat similar to Catoptria maculalis but the latter has two light blotches in the forewings as well as shorter wings. Also similar to Neodactria luteolella and N. caliginosella but the forewing apex in them is more sharply angled and is even slightly produced.

life history
Comes to light. Single brooded.

Not common, but probably of no concern.

diet info
Scirpus acutus, S. americanus and S. validus (Frohne 1939).

A North American species. Fernald (1896) has it from Illinois, Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska and Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Also known from New York (Forbes 1923), South Dakota (McDaniel et al 1984) and Michigan (Scholtens 1996, Nielsen 1998). In Alberta, it has been found in the prairies and aspen parkland.

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