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scientific name    Hydropsychidae    

common name     Net-spinning Caddisflies, Common Net-spinning Caddisflies

Eclectic flowing waters. Prairies, mountains, foothill streams and some in large lake shore gravels

Adults fly from early May to mid-October.

Adults are usually unmarked and grey in Alberta, red-brown in other areas. Ocelli are absent and warts are found only on the pronotum (none on the mesoscutum). Maxillary palps are 5-articled and the 5th article is always long and flagellate. Spur count is 2, 4, 4. Hydropsychidae is a large family of Caddisflies. In Alberta, we have three genera represented; Cheumatopsyche, Hydropsyche and possibly Potamyia.

life history
Larvae spin silk nets between stones where there is a swift current and hide nearby in a retreat made out of silk, pebbles, and debris (Arnett Jr, 1993).

Fairly common.

diet info
Larvae are omnivorous filter feeders.

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Benbow Cheesman (2017-01-27)
I am looking for a picture or pictures of areal, live, egg-laying Hydropsychidae caddis fly. All I have found so far are pictures of caddis fly imitations for flyfishing. Can you help? Thank you.

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