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scientific name    Campaea    

Deciduous forests and woodlands.

Adults fly in Alberta in summer (late June - early August).

Campaea belongs to the Lepidoptera family Geometridae, subfamily Ennominae, Tribe Campaeini. They are relatively large (3-5 cm wingspan - with females larger than males) pale green or greenish-white moths, with a narrow darker green and white line crossing both wings. The genus contains two European and one North American species (perlata). All other North American green geometrid moths are smaller and/or much darker or brighter green (Nemoria, Chaetoscelis, etc.)

life history
Campaea are nocturnal and come to light, but are also easly flushed during the day. In much of their range they are double-brooded, but in Alberta they are single-brooded. They overwinter as larvae. The larvae are general feeders on woody trees and shrubs. The European species overwinter as larvae exposed on the host plant.

Common, widespread species; no concerns.

diet info
European species are known to feed on deciduous trees, while North American perlata feeds on a wide variety of deciduous trees and shrubs, as well as several species of conifers. (Wagner, 2001).

Found throughout much of Europe and most of the wooded parts of North America. Widespread in the parklands, foothills and boreal forest regions of Alberta.

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