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scientific name    Clepsis fucana    

Montane grasslands.

Late June to mid July in Alberta, two generations from March to December in areas further south (Razowski 1979)

The most prominent markings on the forewing are the slanted broad median band and triangle on the costa short of the apex which are medium to dark brown. The ground colour of the forewing varies from pale grey to medium brown. The basal patch is normally faintly indicated, though may occasionally be as dark and prominent as the median band. Fine brown spots are normally present through the pale part of the wing and are often organized into lines. The hindwing is very pale breyish or brownish. The larva is pale with a yellow head that has dark pigment in the ocellar area. The pinacula are fairly large and have long setae. (Mackay 1962)

life history
The larva constructs a leaf shelter on the hostplant (Razowski 1979)

Unknown, known from very few sites in Alberta.

diet info
The larva feeds mainly upon California Figwort (Scrophularia californica), but also woundwort (Stachys sp.), artichoke (Cynaria cardunculus), and cyclamen (Cyclamen sp.). (Razowski 1979)

British Columbia and Alberta, south to California. In Alberta found in mountain passes along the British Columbia border.

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