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scientific name    Buprestis adjecta    

Pine forests of the Rocky Mountains.

July to early September.

Accurate identification is difficult as the species limits are not clearly understood. Male and female genitalia are diagnostic, except females are more commonly caught. Shape of the elytral apices, as reported in most keys (Helfer 1941, Bright 1987) is used to separate the species, bidentate in B. adjecta and rounded in B. intricata does. Unfortunately this character does not work very well with Alberta collected material. The beetles of B. adjecta tend to be shorter, 14.23 mm, 12.5- 16.0 mm (females, n= 11) than B. intricata. Of the specimens examined, the colour was a solid blue to iridescent green without lateral or sutural coppery regions.

life history
Virtually nothing is known.

Very uncommon.

diet info
The beetles are reported from a variety of pines and Englemann spruce. In Alberta this species is associated with lodgepole pine.

The beetles are found from southern British Columbia south through the Rocky Mountains to New Mexico. In Alberta they have been found in the southern mountains and foothills.

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