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scientific name    Pandemis limitata    

common name     Three-lined Leafroller

Deciduous forests and shrubby areas.

Univoltine in Late June to late July in Alberta, as early as late May and bivoltine in more southern areas. (Chapman & Lienk 1971)

The forewing varies from light to dark brown with prominent dark brown markings. The basal, median and upper postmedian lines are distinct and sharply defined with pale edging. The hindwing is white, often with the lower half grey. The larva is green with a green or brown thoracic shield and head. Distinct spots may be present on the lateral parts of the thoracic shield.

life history
Eggs are laid in flattened bunches on foliage and can be difficult to locate due to their green colouration. It overwinters as a mature larva in a small hibernaculum. It resumes feeding in the springtime at budburst and pupates in the foliage. (Chapman 1973; Chapman & Lienk 1971)

Not of concern.

diet info
The larva feeds on a variety of deciduous trees and shrubs. (Chapman & Lienk 1971)

From British Columbia to Nova Scotia, south to Arizona, Texas, and Louisiana.

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