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scientific name    Cicindela purpurea audubonii    

common name     Cowpath tiger beetle

Patches of bare clay soil interspersed with clumps of grass and other plants (prairie grasslands).

Adults have been collected in March, May and August, and are expected in April, June and July.

Adults of this subspecies come in two color forms, black or green. In Alberta most specimens lack the subhumeral spot, and this readily distinguishes them from adults of Cicindela splendida limbalis.

life history
Members of this spring-fall species require at least two years for larval development and overwinter as adults.

This subspecies is moderately common in Alberta.

diet info
None available.

The range of this species extends over most of United States and Canada (extreme south). This subspecies is found in the southeastern third of Alberta.

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Doug Waylett (2009-07-28)
I have photographed both colour forms in Calgary.

Adrian Thysse (2010-06-29)
Photographs of this species at:

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