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scientific name    Chaetanaphothrips    

Species in this genus can be found in green houses (Mound and Marullo, 1996).

Adults collected in March.

The head is broader than long, and the antennae are 8 segmented. Antennal segments 3 and 4 each have a long, forked sense cone. The style is 2-segmented style. The maxillary palps are 3 segmented. The prothorax has 1 or 2 pairs of epimeral setae, and if 2 pairs are present, the inner pair is larger. The midanterior prothoracic setae are larger than the surrounding setae. The mesospinasternum and metasternum are separated by a suture. Tarsi are 2 segmented, the wings are narrow, and the 2 longitudinal wing veins are sparsely covered with setae. On intermediate abdominal tergites, the median pair of setae is spaced widely apart. Large flat platelets are present on the posterior margins of the abdominal sternites. On abdominal tergite 8, the area around the spiracles is stippled up to the anterior margin. Males have 4 thick setae on abdominal tergite 9 (Stannard, 1968).

life history
The large stippled or granulate regions around the spiracles on abdominal tergite 8 characterize this genus (Mound and Marullo, 1996). The stippling is an extension of the plastron characteristic of the spiracles and thus, apparently prevents water from entering the tracheal system (Heming).

There are only about 6 species in this genus (Mound and Marullo, 1996).

diet info

Alberta (Chiasson, 1986), Mexico, Florida, California, Louisiana (Stannard, 1968).

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