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scientific name    Stenopogon coyote    

Dry grasslands, sandy areas, shrub steppe, and a variety of prairie grasslands. Prefers elevations of 1280-2438 m.

Adults first appear late June and early July depending on weather and elevation. They are found well in to August.

10-20mm in length. Light brown in colour (as opposed to red or grey). Stout thorax with long, tapered abdomen. Covered with many fine bristles (including metapleuron). Antenna short (1 mm). On the wings, the first posterior cell is narrow at the tip or sometimes closed with a stalk; fourth posterior cell is always closed with stalk; abdomen greenish grey pollinose; first antennal segment brownish orange.

life history
One of the rare Asilidae species that hunts from its resting place on the ground. It specifically targets grasshoppers, but will only attack them if the prey is moving. The Stenopogon then insert its proboscis into the prey and injects a toxic chemical, paralyzing the prey. The robber fly then sucks out the insides of its meal with little struggle.

diet info
Predatory on other insects.

Alberta to North Dakota, South to Arizona and Texas. In Alberta, collected from Lethbridge, Drumheller and Milk River area.

Each individual asilid varied in movement, as found by Lavigne (1963). Some were very still, and could stay in one place for up to 50 minutes, and others would change positions every 20 seconds.

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