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scientific name    Phyllotreta bipustulata    

common name     Woodland Flea Beetle

Forested areas.

Adults active late spring (Tahvanainen 1983).

Adults are approximately 2mm, elongate oval, dorsally flat, have enlarged hind femurs and are black with pale yellow spots on the anterior and posterior portions of each elytron. The medial edges of posterior spots are relatively straight though they may curve gently towards the middle. Posterior spots do not reach elytral margins. The first 5 antennal segments are brown; remaining segments are black. Unlike P. striolata, the 5th antennal segment of the male is not enlarged (Balsbaugh and Hays 1972).

life history
Oviposition and larval development information is lacking though may be similar to that of P. striolata (see notes): Adults overwinter in soil, turf or leaf litter. These emerge in spring to feed on foliage. In spring, 1-4 eggs are deposited near the bases of host plants. Eggs are about 0.4mm long by 0.2 mm wide, oval and light yellow. Mature larvae are approximately 3mm, white to very light brown with a copper-brown head and anal plate and are slender with small legs. Larvae feed on roots and root hairs and pupate in soil. These emerge as adults late summer (Burgess 1977).


diet info
Adults are considered oligophagous on Brassicaceae and are tolerant of brassicaceous plants containing cardiac glycosides.

Native to and occur in eastern North America. Reported from Ontario, Quebec, New York and Alabama (Balsbaugh and Hays 1972, Bousquet 1991).

Considered by Balsbaugh and Hays (1972) to be a form of P. striolata.

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