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scientific name    Nephrotoma ferruginea ferruginea    

North American boreal forests.

From late May to August.

Head rust colored; margins of abdominal segments black. Antennae elongate and dark; thorax yellow and hump-backed with laterally lined stripes (Fabricus 1822). Halteres have dark brown clubs with apical edges paler (Dietz 1918). Legs slender and yellow with blackish hairs and tibiae blackish at the apex. Wings almost transparent with a grayish tint and sparsely covered with hair, veins costa, subcosta, radial and all veins beyond the cord, with the exception of those limiting 1st medial 2, stigma pale brown (Dietz 1918). Wing veination as in figure. Male, length of body: 10.5 mm, wing span:10.5 mm.

life history
Complete metamorphosis; no other information known.

It is not know if this species is threatened.

diet info
Not Known.

North America; East from Alberta, Colorado, and Texas (Stone et al. 1965).

Some information taken for this species from Dietz (1918), under species name Pachyrhina beutenmuelleri, but is the same species as T. Ferruginea ferruginea (Stone et al. 1965).

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