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scientific name    Okanagana luteobasalis    

Prairie grasslands.

Adults emerge from June to July (Strickland 1953).

Predominantly black as in other species of the genus, with orange markings dorsally bordering the pro- and mesonotum and the sides of the abdominal segments. Underside black with orange-bordered abdominal segments. Wing veins fuscous, costa black beyond radial cell. Anal membranes orange and fuscous. O. luteobasalis is slightly larger with more prominent eyes (Davis 1935).

life history

Status unkown. Known Canadian range restricted to Alberta.

diet info
Plant fluids. Specific hosts unknown.

Davis (1935) cites specimens examined from the Cypress Hills and Medicine Hat, Alberta in the original description. Not known from other Canadian provinces (Maw et al. 2000), but likely also occurs in SK. Ranges south through MT, ID, and UT (Davis 1935).

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