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Site Information

Welcome to the searchable database of the University of Alberta's
E.H. Strickland Entomological Museum

The purpose of this site is to provide electronic access to the collections in the University's E.H. Strickland Entomological Museum, one of the most significant insect collections in Canada. The collection contains approximately one million specimens and is made up of two sub-collections, the Research Collection and the Alberta Reference Collection.

The Research Collection includes principally Nearctic insects, representing most orders and their major families. The beetle family (Carabidae) is especially well represented: it includes about 400,000 specimens principally from the Nearctic region, but with an important Neotropical component. The Reference Collection contains a few (one or two) representative specimens of most of the species of butterflies, moths, beetles and caddisflies known from Alberta.

A Note on the Search Tools
This site provides a number of tools for searching the Strickland Museum's database. When "Search the Collection" is selected, two main search options are provided. The Specimen Search searches the data from thousands of individual specimens in the online database and provides a link to other information on the species (referred to as a species page), if available.

The Species Search searches hundreds of species pages and provides links to specimen records. From the species page, the specimen records can be plotted on an Alberta map and a seasonal histogram. Hierarchical Search presents a taxonomic hierarchy of the specimens held in the online database. Also available is a Specimen Number Search, a search tool based on each specimen's unique Specimen/Sample Number. For information on how to use these tools, see "Help" under "Search the Collection."

Use Browse the Collection to select one of the categories listed under an order (e.g., Lepidoptera) and browse through images of the species currently contained in the database. Click on the scientific name under the image to display the associated species page. The Random Browse will display a random selection of species.

A Note to Site Users
Although this site has been developed primarily for University of Alberta faculty, students and researchers, it is hoped that others interested in the study of entomology will also find this site useful and informative. This site is not intended as a home page for the collection. See "Links" to explore other pages related to this collection.

Technical Notes
The site is best viewed using Internet Explorer 5.0 and up or Netscape 6.0 and up, but should function on all browsers. The Department of Museums and Collections produced the site in collaboration with the Department of Biological Sciences. The collection data resides in MIMSY XG, an Oracle-based relational database management system.


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