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Hierarchical Search

The Hierarchical Search is a search tool using the Linnaean taxonomic classification system. This classification is structured hierarchically with the upper-level term (subclass Insecta) displayed at the top. Lower levels of each term are displayed by clicking on the icon to the left of the term.

Searches are performed in one of two ways:

  1. Continue down a branch of the hierarchy by clicking the plus icon until an insect icon is displayed. The insect icon indicates that lowest level on a particular branch has been reached. Click on the insect icon to return the specimen records for that species.
  2. Click directly on a term at or below the Family level to search all the records that are associated with that term. For example, clicking on the Family term "Elateridae" will return all specimen records that fall under that designation.

(Note: The Hierarchical Search searches records in the specimen database, not species information pages.)


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